Maxine Waters

170-Million Jobs!?

I noticed most videos of this were long... I shortened it up a bit to the key spot. Other interesting Maxine Waters stats: ;(Posted by: Religio-Political Talk)

Maxine Waters: GOP Are Demons

 Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA.) didn’t hold back in her vitriolic bashing of the GOP during her address to the Delegates at the 2012 CA Democratic Convention , calling Republican leaders “demons”.Waters...

Sharpton Takes Thinly-Veiled Shot At Maxine Waters

  • MarkF
  • September. 27. 2011
On his MSNBC show, Al Sharpton, referring to people who have spoken of being 'unleashed' in their criticism of President Obama, accuses them of hypocrisy and warns he and others might have to 'speak up'...