Rand's Race: Matthews Plays The Nazi Card

  • MarkF
  • October. 26. 2010
On Hardball, Chris Matthews says that the incident outside the Kentucky senate debate in which an apparent Rand Paul supporter put his foot on the head of an anti-Paul demonstrator and shoved "reminds...

Richard Belzer's Nazi Salute

Liberal actor Richard Belzer jokingly giving a Nazi salute after holding his hand up to break into conversation on the Feb. 13, 2009 "Hannity"

Comedian Calls Mormons 'Nazis'

  • DannyG
  • November. 10. 2008
In a skit for his Hollywood comedy show "The 12 Shiny Nickels," Dan Bialek called Mormons "Nazis" for supporting a proposition to ban gay marriage in California. Last we heard, ballot measures were a tool...

Children Sing Hymns To Obama

Based on the real Obama-cult song recorded by children who were manipulated into supporting a presidential candidate - and, of course, a clip from the famous movie "Cabaret."